In James Woodruss’ Shakespeare-Inspired Song Cycle, the Bard Goes Country

Shakesqueerian James Woodruss discusses his new song cycle (which will premiere at El Crisol in Tucson on February 1, 2020!) and the theater troupe in an article on the UA Poetry Center blog. He gave the following shout out to Shakesqueer:

Frumhoff is particularly inspired by theater’s history as a popular art form, something he’s seen personified in Shakesqueer. 

“We go to [rural Arizona communities] Arivaca and Ajo, and we’re setting up our productions in a park. There’s almost no budget for the play, and we’re not ‘professional actors’,” he said, “Doing these productions feels to me like what the roots of theater were—that was the entertainment that was accessible to working-class people, theater and music.”

Illustration from ‘Robin Goodfellow: His Mad Pranks and Merry Jests’, 1628. English school..

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